Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a timely coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse.

Prevention Education

Preschool, Primary and Intermediate Age 
Children’s Body Safety Program
This school-based prevention education program is designed to educate children say "No," Go, and Tell an adult if they experience any unsafe touches or attempted touches. The program focuses on four primary areas: body safety, personal boundaries, appropriate touches and awareness. It includes discussion of inappropriate touching and other elements of personal safety.

Darkness 2 Light Stewards of Children Program
This new approach to child sexual abuse prevention targets parents and adults who work with children in settings such as PTA, parent groups, churches and scouting organizations. Darkness 2 Light has developed “7 Steps to Protecting Our Children”, which teaches simple, proactive ways to help protect children from sexual abuse. To learn more about this program, check out their web site: www.darkness2light.org.

Mandated Reporter Training
Center staff provide mandated reporter training to area school and child care personnel, and law enforcement.

Internet Safety
This program is designed for junior high and high school aged students. The topics covered in this program are sexting, social networks, and how to stay safe on the internet. If you want more information on these topics, go to www.netsmartz.org.

Prevention Educator
If you are interested in one of the prevention programs listed above, please contact Paladin Child Advocacy Center at 309-344-8416.
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