The Knox County Child Advocacy Center provides a timely, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse.

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What to Expect

Before the Interview
* Feel free to listen to your child about his/her concerns or experiences.  Be supportive.  Try not to offer any comments.  

* Encourage your child to just tell the truth.  It is best for them to speak with their own words.  Avoid giving them any suggestions about what to say.

* Tell your child that this interview is their chance to be heard, to say what they want to say about anything that has made them feel uncomfortable.  Assure them that they are not in trouble and they are safe in talking.  

The Day of the Interview
* Our Advocate/Case Manager will greet you and walk you through the process.

* We have toys, books, and child-friendly movies available to entertain children of all ages while they wait.

* The child will go into the room with the interviewer only.  The caretaker will stay in the waiting room.  This is proven best practice.

* The interview consists of talking, writing, drawing, and coloring.  The interview is recorded and observed by team members.  The team consists of law enforcement, prosecutor/victim advocate from the State's Attorney's Office, and/or DCFS investigator.

After the Interview
* The caretaker can meet with the team to ask any questions and find out the status of the case.

* The caretaker will receive the contact information for the team members involved to stay informed about how the case is going.

* The caretaker will receive information about how to ask for counseling.  There is no cost for children to attend counseling.

* Parents/caretakers are welcome to call back to the CAC if they have additional questions after the day of the interview.

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