The Knox County Child Advocacy Center provides a timely, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the investigation, prosecution, and treatment of child physical and sexual abuse.

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Partner Agencies

The Team
Our agency works with a team of professionals who work to help children in Knox, Warren, and Henderson counties.  Working as a team, we help children by reducing anxiety, reducing trauma, increasing support, and making referrals for needed services.  These are the agencies in our area who work together to help children:

Child Advocacy Center (CAC)
The CAC provides a safe, child-focused place that helps investigators look into allegations of child abuse.  We have a trained interviewer to talk with children to let their voice be heard.  We then help families understand what is happening with the investigation or court case, provide free specialized trauma counseling for the children who are interviewed, and offer referrals for other services the families may need.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)
DCFS is the state agency to investigate reports of child abuse and neglect.  They have child protection workers who investigate allegations of child abuse.  DCFS offers services to help keep children safe.

Law Enforcement
Law enforcement investigates allegations of child abuse.  Officers collect evidence, gather statements, and present that information to the prosecutor's office to help hold offenders accountable.  Officers also help enforce protection orders to keep children and families safe.

State’s Attorney’s Office
The State’s Attorney’s Office coordinates child abuse and neglect cases and holds offenders accountable for acts of child abuse. The State’s Attorney’s Office provides legal consultation to law enforcement and provides valuable insight during multidisciplinary team meetings.

Medical personnel from the Pediatric Resource Center conduct specialized medical exam conducted by a physician or nurse practitioner who is specially trained in child abuse cases.  These exams are not always needed, but available when appropriate.

Mental Health
The CAC contracts with counselors from Monarch Trauma Counseling, who specialize in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.  Monarch counselors have their office in the CAC.  The CAC provides this counseling for no cost to children referred for an interview.  We also provide counseling for non-offending caretakers.

Victim advocates work to give child victims and families information about the investigation, prosecution, treatment options, and support services available to help the child victim and his/her family.  Giving the latest information and ongoing access to services is critical to the family's comfort and ability to participate in the criminal case and treatment for the child.
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